4th of July Weekend
Artist in Residence
Patrick Matthews
Beaver Creek's favorite artist is back to paint in the village. Stop by and visit as his vision comes to life on the canvas!
July 27th-30th
Artist in Residence
Be entertained and learn something about painting with David Jackson. David spend over 20 years as an art teacher before he committed himself to being an artist full time. His lush landscapes and wonderous wildlife will surely inspire you!
August 5-6th
Beaver Creek Arts Festival
Douglas Aagard
One of Beaver Creek's beloved events. Artists fill the plaza including Douglas Aagard and Pat Matthews. It is a weekend you don't want to miss.
Thanksgiving 2017
Is Buying a Piece of Art on Your Laundry List Show
Nelson Boren
Imagine if you could walk up to a clothes line and pick off a beautiful watercolor or pasel painting? That is exactly what clients will experience in this show. We will be featuring works by Nelson Boren.